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Old State Burial Ground (Illinois)
December 3, 2013, 12:28 am
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The small city of Vandalia in Central Illinois is one of the first capitols of the state.  It’s also one of the first places Abraham Lincoln practiced law and politics (before the capitol moved to the its current location in Springfield).  There are a handful of interesting and historic places to visit in Vandalia.  Probably the most well-known is that of the Old State Capitol building, as well as the Highway 40 monument and interpretive center; but another interesting spot that some may overlook is that of the Old State Burial Ground/Cemetery.

In 1823 a plot of land was set aside near the capitol to bury those who happened to die while serving in the legislature.   A handful of notable politicians, businessmen, and war heroes call this ground their final resting place (though most interred here are regular citizens).  For more detailed information about the burials here, visit:

Recently, I visited Vandalia (as I had done many times in childhood) and took a leisurely walk through the Old Burial Ground, examining some of the old and interesting stones.  What I found most fascinating about this spot, is that Abraham Lincoln was known to have attended the funerals of some of his colleagues on the very grounds I was strolling.  Though living in two completely different centuries… mine and President Lincoln’s paths seem to be crossing often lately!


Below are some pictures I took from the Old State Burial Ground, plus the nearby larger Vandalia community cemetery.  They are no where near representative of all the photos that could be taken of this spot, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.